Maximising growth

Quantum Response Network provides a transparent and consistent partnership that empowers our customers to focus on their core business by delivering high volumes of web traffic through highly optimised digital experiences.

We maximise our customers growth.


By creating engaging digital experiences across a network of marketing channels we deliver high volumes of engaged web traffic directly to our customers.


We build mutually beneficial connections between users and businesses to create a network of data which powers your business decisions.


Our first-party data assets powers intelligent marketing strategies provided on a performance basis for guaranteed and measured results.

About us

QRN was established in 2015 as an alternative to the bloated, ineffective organisations serving the online recruitment vertical. 

By offering a results driven model that put the customer’s needs first, we’ve since helped our partners achieve amazing things.

In a time where buying traffic from the big monopolies in search and social media is getting more erratic, harder to control, and harder to execute, QRN use intelligent proprietary technology to deliver consistent ROI via a transparent, collaborative partnership.

Our products, knowledge and experience have allowed us to become a proven market leader in the space.


Quantum Response Network is a leading Response Generation company operating on a Global Scale and an anchor partner of Results Generation Group. We continue to enjoy a fantastic partnership based on shared expertise and trust. We look forward to being a part of their exponential growth moving forward.

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Will Yankus

Chief Strategy Officer, Results Generation Group


By being flexible in their approach QRN were able to offer us a solution that matched our needs. Our campaigns with them helped us outperform in our key metric. We have developed a fantastic working relationship with QRN and they remain an integral part of our future plans.

Testimonial image from Quantum Response Network

Rhys Maddocks

CEO, JobSwipe


QRN is a major force in online recruitment. They are the leading source of traffic behind many of the largest job sites in the world while somehow managing to remain TATech’s best kept secret. Their core competencies of scaled & diversified traffic acquisition have them uniquely positioned to thrive in a field where demand continues to outpace supply. Success in technology is as much about good people as it is good product, and with QRN, you get both.

Testimonial image from Quantum Response Network

Nicholas Roarty

VP, Monetization


When building your job seeker traffic or driving app downloads QRN are the first name on the schedule. Graham leads a team of smart, driven, professionals. They have a reputation in our industry for exceptional product development, problem solving and outstanding relationship building. I look forward to working with QRN for many years to come.

Testimonial image from Quantum Response Network

Ben Russell

Head of Commercial, Sonic Jobs

Helping you grow.

Quantum Response Network maximises business growth by delivering high volumes of engaged web traffic through highly optimised digital experiences.

Through transparent and consistent partnerships, we empower our customers to focus on their core business.


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